As an award-winning writer, I have honed my craft while working in multiple sectors, including finance, healthcare, real estate, sustainable design, non-profit, education and entertainment.

In all of my projects, I deliver engaging and concise narrative and bring an innate understanding of design principles and a strong intuitive understanding of how people think and work.


My work has resulted in increased website traffic, company growth, returning clientele and happier communication experiences for everyone. 


Let's create some magic!



“Talia is a total pleasure to work with. Intelligent. A great sense of how to connect the dots of a story and the fabric of a place. The best writing is all about tone, detail, flow and argument. She understands each in equal measure, turning out pieces that have verve while never feeling overdone or too intense. Underneath it all lies a desire to understand, to research, to unpack a client’s perspective as well as their audiences'. She was recently hired to write for a travel company based out of Ecuador. She was tasked with writing a range of pieces focused on South America’s great destinations. I cannot recommend Talia highly enough.”  - Matt Kassirer, Art Director, Komposit Creative 

"I love your style of writing, clear, concise and picturesque." - Lise Kastner, Translation Specialist

"Talia is a proficient, sensitive writer and a pleasure to work with. She increased client leads at Music Can Heal by nearly 60%. She's smart, has an intuitive strategic sense and breaks down difficult language in an easy-to-follow, digestible manner. She is a hard worker and a patient person who works with a light-hearted and refreshing dose of humour when needed." - Ori Dagan, Music Can Heal. Marketing