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September 2007 PREMIERE ISSUE By: Talia Wooldridge

Did you know that...

Eating a green apple can boost alertness mid-morning more effectively than a coffee?

Having a blend of proteins and greens will give you energy until your next main meal and balance low blood sugar? The same goes for choosing whole fruits and cut vegetables, whole grains and non-processed foods over packaged goods. You can buy pre-packaged hummus and veggie snacks, or make your own!

Yogurts that are sweetened with corn syrup, aspartame or sucralose-based sweeteners build up in the body and cause internal stress over the long run and, some conclude, are linked to cancer? Further any sugars leech calcium from our bones, contradicting any nutritional benefits found in yogurt.

Fruit juice (ideally not from concentrate) and carbonated water is a great energy elixir and terrific replacement for sugary sodas. New on the rise is the Iranian doogh - carbonated or flat water with plain yogurt and mint! Carbonation can stave off hunger pains, but be sure to drink flat water as some carbonated water can dehydrate your body. Plus, cutting juice with water reduces caloric and sugar intake if this is a concern for you.

Flat, room-temperature water (or hot water) with a pinch of sea salt hydrates the body faster than a straight glass of juice or water!

BONUS: Add lemon, orange or cucumber slices and mint to water to help ease the shorter days during autumn and winter. It may also reduce carbohydrate cravings, associated with sun deprivation and the winter blues.

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